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TaM Entertainment began in 2010 as joint organisers of the America Ground Independent Day Festival. With other projects on the horizon it seemed that the time was right to group all activities under one name.

Artist Management: TaM Management currently works with several artists ... Chelsea, Blue Pulse, Dave Sharp, Howard Werth, Audience, Splodgenessabounds, Eric Faulkner, Stevie ZeSuicide, and others.

NEW!! Literary Department - opened to cater for our literary members. Editing, proofreading, publishing - plus cover design, formatting for Amazon (paperback and Kindle), and screenplays.

Event Organisation: Before America Ground Festival 2010. previous projects have included Left Field Glastonbury, Guilfest, Thruxstock, and other music events such as South Coast Festival Band Challenge.

Little London Studios: Where it all began ... Working with disabled and disadvantaged ... Vocational Inclusion Programme ... 2006 RADAR Award

Blue Pulse - Kent-based blues/rock with a hint of jazz. Excellent lineup of musicians. Trams album out summer 2012 ... More gigs and recordings under way

Dave Sharp - new album ‘Shake’ in studio production. While not engaged on this he’s busy touring the UK with his solo acoustic show.

Chelsea Early punk band which spawned Billy Idol. Out on tour in the UK 2024

Splodgenessabounds - new album Standing on the Shoulders of Dwarves to be released shortly - many thanks to all the SplodgePledgers who contributed to the budget.

Audience - seventies British art rock band - final a reunion gig in March 2013 at 100 Club ...

Howard Werth (solo) acoustic - currently not working...

Eric Faulkner - Faulkner’s Bay City Rollers, Eric also developed a growing following as a solo acoustic minstrel travelling the country with his thoughtful lyrics and inspired guitar playing. Currently not working.

Stevie ZeSuicide - sadly passed away - leaving two albums, Dancing with Spiders and Auto Destructive, co produced by Trevor Bolder (David Bowie's Spiders from Mars, bass guitar), and three books delving into his life in the music business, packed with anecdotes about the many famous names he met, plus poems and artwork - Rock and Roll Chronicles, Fragile Butterfly and Candycane Alley

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Michael Garrett Harris available on Amazon as paperback or ebook for Kindle - see author page.