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Tribute to the musicians that played on the Sex Drugs and HIV album who have sadly passed away. Thanks for your input and R.I.P.

Howard Marks  -  Mr Nice

Micky Fitz  -  The Business

Chris Townser  -  Johns Children

Dave Goodman  -  Orange Rainbow

Jez Bird  -  The Lambrettas

John McGeoch  -  Magazine, Souxie & Banshees, P.I.L

Alex Hughs  -  Judge Dread

Kelly Johnson - Girlschool

Min (Simon Medhurst)  -  Splodgenessabounds

Paco Carreno   -  Conflict

Paul Fox   -  The Ruts

Paul Samson  -  Samson

Poly Styrene  -  X-Ray Spex

Roly Wynne   -  Ozric Tentacles

Ronny Rocka  -  Angelic Upstarts, Splodge, Godfathers

Wally Nightingale  -  Swankers, Sex Pistols

Wurzel  -  Motorhead

Tony Frater  -  Red Alert, Cockey Rejects

Mark E Smith  -  The Fall